Where have I been?

So much has changed and I don't know where to begin, but I will write because I enjoy seeing all of your updates.

Not in this order, but.....

- I'm a resident...not yet a doctor but getting close
- I got married
- We bought a condo at a low low price
- we got a dog

.......and we are thinking of having a baby.

I'm so much older, not much wiser.....but happy.


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I try to sweep things under the rug, but they keep reappearing.


The truth always catches up with people.

So when someone your with wants to borrow almost a million dollars to buy a condo which will also have monthly maintenance fees.....add to that regular living expenses and some student loans on both sides and someone feels sick.

Condos in NYC are expensive (who knew?) There are cheaper ones but nothing less than $800 really.

Yup - nothing new here except more things to stress over.

Only good news: I am finally decent in the hospital.

A huge surprised

My darlin' fiance got a promotion at work. What did he do after work? He went to Anthropologie and bought me clothes and a bedspread. Yes, he is that sweet. I asked him who helped him pick out the stuff. He said, "I just walked around and picked out stuff you would like."

How I live life............

I live life by going from one worry to the next. Like today, I had a huge worry and viola - I heard that I was wrong about something (registration) and I was SOOOOOOOO relieved.

Then I start worrying about something else 20 minutes later.

Does anyone else do this?

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I've been in a pissy mood lately.

A real bitch.

Then Tim Russert decides to leave the universe. He was the only guy who could make sense of politics for me. They are probably going to fill the spot with some moron. :(

I called into work and said I wasn't coming in because I was sick. Yep, I am sick of working at a stupid bar with trashy people. (ordinarily I like working there but this pissy mood is getting to me).

Mother's Day

My heart hurts every year around this time. My Mom has been gone for a long time now, but I still get teary eyed if I think about her for a few minutes.

I bought a wedding magazine this week. I wish she was here to pick out a dress with me.

I wish she was here just to have a cup of coffee with. :(

Post-a-thon Day

In honor of LJ's special posting day, I figured I would share with you the following:

Last night:

I ate the best Indian food. If you think you don't like Indian food then you must head to DUMBO Brooklyn. There is this amazing restaurant called Rice. For $7.00 you get the most delicious Indian chicken dish with raisens and bananas.

omg so good.

Do you guys lie Indian food? Yes, I know coral and justj do. I salivate when i see their cooking........

Friday is LJ Post-a-thon Day!

Since I like to be different, I think everyone should just post as much as they can tomorrow.

Just in case you didn't know Friday some people are striking and not posting to lj for 24 hours.

So post away people. Make my friends list move :D

What's with the LJ Strike?

Internet People - why r u creating such cheap drama online?

Back in the day (old school LJ) the drama was deep, thick and oooooooooooooooooooooo sooooo bad). Today....the drama is lame.

Boycotting LJ isn't going to do anything. LJ is a business. Who cares if they are hiding popular tags like sex? Everyone knows where the sex is and where it isn't. If LJ doesn't want to have free new user accounts, who cares? It just seems like such a pointless strike.

Besides I don't want my LJ friends striking because then I can't escape into your great world and pretend to be you for awhile. Somedays, my LJ friends advice and life stories is what gets me by!